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Residential Life

Residential Life

Residential life at Kent creates a living atmosphere in which the campus becomes your home away from home and the community becomes family.

When you live where you learn, the divide between school and home disappears. The result is an environment in which what you learn in and out of class combine to help you contribute to the common good in the world beyond 推荐几个网堵网站.



Intentional 社区

Residential life is central to the vibrant boarding school community at 推荐几个网堵网站. Students 和老师 live together on campus and work purposefully to establish a culture of compassion, 包容性, 尊重, and safety in and out of the dorms.

Spontaneous Collaboration

Whether during the academic day, study hall periods, or on the weekends, dorms at Kent provide space for planned and unplanned interactions with friends, 同学们, 和老师. These connections will deepen your learning, build your empathy, and enhance your 推荐几个网堵网站 experience.

Autonomy in 社区

Kent's six dorms each develop strength of character and an appreciation of the importance of diversity and difference. Dorm 教师 embrace their roles as educators, 父母, 知己, 啦啦队, and most importantly, people who deeply care about the well-being of our students.